Entrepreneurship Opportunities and Challenges to Overcome Recession from Economy


Saba Nasir


No country in the world can afford the slow down pace of economic growth in the current scenario of economics that’s why it must need to work to overcome the recession and depression from economy. The sale and purchase of products and services and the growth of economic cycle must remain in process of moving consistently. Now only those persons and individuals can compete with current conditions of market barriers who better understand the opportunities and challenges of entrepreneurship. Now the concept of handling work stress with tight schedules and target work oriented lives has been replaced with entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs are the individuals who not only work to meet their own goals but also work to meet the needs of society intentionally or unintentionally to ultimately contribute to economic growth of the country. The meaningful and high yielding employment opportunities created by excellent enterprising skills are highly mandatory for emerging economies. The development of agriculture and industrial sector is highly based on capabilities of entrepreneurial people. The highest growing economies of the world are working upon youth and entrepreneurial activities. This paper will strive to outline the various opportunities like economic restructuring, retired employees, glass ceilings, government resets, technology, restart of recessionary businesses, immigrants, underutilized talent as well as various challenges which are creating barriers to the appearing entrepreneurs. Data will be collected from representative and non-representative respondents through interview method. It will further provide them knowledge about how they can start the consumer-oriented businesses to overcome the recession from economies.


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Saba Nasir 2022. Entrepreneurship Opportunities and Challenges to Overcome Recession from Economy. Journal of Policy Research. 8, 1 (Mar. 2022), 1–5. DOI:https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.6451118.