Journal of Policy Research aspire to select, through peer review, the highest quality economic papers. To achieve this, the entire peer review and publication process must be thorough, objective and fair. Almost every aspect of this process involves important ethical principles and decisions. Journals reputations’ depends on the trust of the readers, authors and researchers. This trust is enhanced through the journal’s policies to ensure the ethical treatment of all participants in the publication process.

Fora peer-reviewed journal, the publication of articles plays an essential role in the development of a coherent network of knowledge. It is, therefore, essential that all publishers, editors, authors, and reviewers, in the process of publishing the journals, conduct themselves in accordance with the highest level of professional ethics and standards.

The publisher is dedicated to supporting the immense efforts of the editors, the academic contributions of authors, and the respected volunteer work under taken by reviewers. The publisher is also responsible for ensuring that the publication system works smoothly, and that ethical guidelines are applied to assist the editor, author, and reviewer in performing their ethical duties.