Quality Management Practices During Check-In And Boarding Process: The Case Of Etihad Airways, UAE


Hummayoun Naeem
Aisha Rehan


The purpose of this research is to examine quality management phenomenon of the aviation industry, by taking a deep dive into the practices carried out by Etihad Airways during the processes of check-in and boarding. The parameters set by the global standards are evaluated and compared to the existing practices in the airline’s ground operations. Through this comparison, an analysis is derived in regards to how aligned the processes are, and how the particular areas of improvement can be targeted. The researchers conducted this qualitative investigation while analyzing the case of Etihad Airways, UAE. The study findings indicate that the set international quality parameters are a road map for airlines to follow, and while Etihad Airways’ practices are in alignment with most of the protocols, there are areas wherein the airline management should shed light on in order to implement those protocols in their day-to-day operational activities. By scrutinizing these areas of improvement, the airline can pinpoint where their focus is needed most to advance their service of quality, subsequently elevating Etihad Airways as a business and giving the airline a competitive edge in the industry. While there are several studies that have addressed the role of quality in the aviation industry, this research adds originality and value by fixating on the check-in and boarding processes, which are crucial touchpoints in an airport. This analysis equips both the aviation industry and academia with insights into optimizing quality management practices, an exclusive input in an era of heightened competition and passenger expectations within the aviation sector.


How to Cite
Naeem, H. and Rehan, A. 2023. Quality Management Practices During Check-In And Boarding Process: The Case Of Etihad Airways, UAE. Journal of Policy Research. 9, 3 (Sep. 2023), 184–195. DOI:https://doi.org/10.61506/02.00106.


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