Using Bloomberg Functions for Managing Student Managed Fund at Sukkur IBA University


Suresh Kumar
Hyder Ali
Waseem Sajjad
Muhammad Asim


The primary goal of this work is to highlight tools that members of SIBA Student managed funds are utilizing for investment related decision making and better management of their fund. We describe the Bloomberg Terminal functions, which step vise helping the student, in screening the securities for potential investment, preparing quality investment recommendations on selected securities, and measuring portfolio risk and returns.  Bloomberg functions are elaborated in a way to follow investment policy of SIBA student managed fund.



How to Cite
Kumar, S. , Ali, H., Sajjad, W. and Asim, M. 2024. Using Bloomberg Functions for Managing Student Managed Fund at Sukkur IBA University. Journal of Policy Research. 10, 2 (Jun. 2024), 11–17. DOI:


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